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Suffolk Men’s A Team October 1981

Pictured is the Suffolk Men’s A team at Melton St Audrys in October 1981. Back row (from left) – Eddie Bailey, Peter Crane, Duncan Swift, Steve Brennan, Cavan Thake, Ralph Flatt, Ray Hebditch. Front Row (from left) – Eric Blacksell

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Tuesday 15th December

Click on result for match sheet…. Leiston 7-1 Clapgate Lane Magpies Smock Misfits 4-4 Lake Lothing Felixstowe ReBeLs 2-6 Sudbury Town Bury 3-5 Haverhill Hadleigh 5-3 Stowmarket Arrows Walsham 6-2 Felixstowe Woodbridge Woodpeckers 5-3 Saxmundham

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Tuesday 8th December

Click on result for match sheet…. Saxmundham 3-5 Walsham Felixstowe 2-6 Hadleigh Stowmarket Arrows 4-4 Bury Haverhill 7-1 Felixstowe ReBeLs Sudbury Town 0-8 Smock Misfits Lake Lothing 1-7 Leiston Clapgate Lane Magpies 6-2 Woodbridge Woodpeckers

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Tuesday 1st December

Click on result for match sheet…. Clapgate Lane 7-1 Lake Lothing Leiston 7-1 Sudbury Town Smock Misfits 2-6 Haverhill Felixstowe ReBeLs 2-6 Stowmarket Arrows Bury 6-2 Felixstowe Hadleigh 4-4 Saxmundham Woodbridge Woodpeckers 2-6 Walsham

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Tuesday 24th November

  Click on result for match sheet…. Walsham 7-1 Hadleigh Sudbury Town 3-5 Clapgate Lane Magpies Stowmarket Arrows 4-4 Smock Misfits Saxmundham 5-3 Bury Lake Lothing 5-3 Woodbridge Woodpeckers Haverhill 3-5 Leiston Felixstowe 5-3 Felixstowe ReBeLs

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Suffolk v Staffordshire Nov 28th & 29th 2015

Match report to follow… Suffolk MA 7-5 Staffordshire MA Stephen Burton (26.92) 4-2 (26.31) Richard Cummings Wayne Hammond (28.97) 3-4 (29.34) John Burgess Lee Newson (24.56) 3-4 (23.55) Martin Wheawall Robert Morling (24.22) 3-4 (25.79) Eddie Brookes Ryan Meikle (28.24) 4-1 (23.86) Jamie

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