British Gold Cup Singles Qualifying

22nd March 2016

43 players competed at Kesgrave Social Club for the four Suffolk places in the British Gold Cup.

At the end of a competitive evening the four successful qualifiers were Tony Lincoln (Lake Lothing), Duane Nessling (Woodbridge), Liam Last (Woodbridge) and Nick Bloom (Walsham).

Preliminary Round

Jason Stalker 3-2 Tim Church
Wayne Hammond 3-2 Declan Salter
Tony Anslow 0-3 Graham Peck
Mark Theobald 3-2 Kevin Harris
Martin Totman 3-2 Gary Middleditch
Morgan Smith 3-1 Stuart King
Liam Last 3-0 Ian Randles
Gary Foyster 0-3 Stephen Burton
Phil Reeve 2-3 Simon Farthing
John Attwater 3-0 Craig Woodward
Ben Poulton 0-3 Aaron Hammond

First Round

Jason Elvin 2-3 Liam Fairclough
Tony Lincoln 3-0 Gary Butcher
Paul Woods 3-0 Gordon King
Eddie Marsh 3-0 Lloyd March
Darren Moyes 3-1 Michael Fisk
Duane Nessling 3-1 Jason Stalker
Wayne Hammond 3-0 Graham Peck
Mark Theobald 2-3 Martin Totman
Paul Lewis 3-1 Josh Church
James Wilkinson 2-3 Bill Paris
Tom King 3-1 Toby Edwards
Rob Warman 2-3 Nick Bloom
Dan Tatum 3-0 Kevin Hunter
Morgan Smith 0-3 Liam Last
Stephen Burton 3-0 Simon Farthing
John Attwater 3-0 Aaron Hammond

Second Round

Liam Fairclough 1-3 Tony Lincoln
Paul Woods 3-1 Eddie Marsh
Darren Moyes 0-3 Duane Nessling
Wayne Hammond 3-0 Martin Totman
Paul Lewis 3-0 Bill Paris
Tom King 1-3 Nick Bloom
Dan Tatum 0-3 Liam Last
Stephen Burton 3-0 John Attwater

Final Qualifiers

Tony Lincoln 3-1 Paul Woods
Duane Nessling 3-1 Wayne Hammond
Paul Lewis 0-3 Nick Bloom
Liam Last 3-0 Stephen Burton

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