Super League Triples

The Super League triples final will be an all-Leiston affair on Finals Night following the qualifying rounds at Kesgrave on Tuesday 13th September.

The teams of Andy Noy, Andy Meikle & Lee Newson and Ryan Meikle, Arron Fairweather & Liam Last both came through tough semi-finals 3-2 – with the ‘old boys’ beating Clapgate Lane’s Steff Morling, Rob Morling & Steve Burton, while the ‘young guns’ saw off Lake Lothing’s Tony Lincoln, Gary Foyster & Phil Jarvis.

Full results

Preliminary Round

Jason Watson-Smith/Dave Tasker/Kelvin Self 0-3 Kevin Harris/Paul Stevens/Martin Weiss
Steve Hayward/Gary Robinson/Rob Johnson 0-3 Steffan Morling/Rob Morling/Stephen Burton
Declan Salter/K Bucklin/P Carr 0-3 Ben Poulton/Paul Lewis/Craig Woodward

First Round

Tony Lincoln/Gary Foyster/Phil Jarvis 3-2 Graham Peck/Darren Southall/Trevor Theobald
Daniel Clarke/S Doncaster/A Christie 0-3 Aaron Hammond/Gary Button/Luke Dennis
Luke Meikle/Andrew Beales/Max Stacey 0-3 Andy Noy/Andy Meikle/Lee Newson
Michael Fisk/Dave Crawford/Tony Anslow 0-3 Gary Middleditch/Phil Reeve/Wayne Hammond
Wayne Squirrell/Simon Leggett/Tom Howling 0-3 Tom Feveyear/Duane Nessling/Rob Warman
Ryan Meikle/Arron Fairweather/Liam Last 3-0 Gary Butcher/Gary Flynn/Richard Watson
Andrew Dearing/Ben Brown/Jamie Collins 0-3 Kevin Harris/Paul Stevens/Martin Weiss
Steffan Morling/Rob Morling/Stephen Burton 3-0 Ben Poulton/Paul Lewis/Craig Woodward


Tony Lincoln/Gary Foyster/Phil Jarvis 3-2 Aaron Hammond/Gary Button/Luke Dennis
Andy Noy/Andy Meikle/Lee Newson 3-0 Gary Middleditch/Phil Reeve/Wayne Hammond
Tom Feveyear/Duane Nessling/Rob Warman 2-3 Ryan Meikle/Arron Fairweather/Liam Last
Kevin Harris/Paul Stevens/Martin Weiss 0-3 Steffan Morling/Rob Morling/Stephen Burton


Tony Lincoln/Gary Foyster/Phil Jarvis 2-3 Andy Noy/Andy Meikle/Lee Newson
Ryan Meikle/Arron Fairweather/Liam Last 3-2 Steffan Morling/Rob Morling/Stephen Burton

Final – (to be played on Finals Night)

Andy Noy/Andy Meikle/Lee Newson v Ryan Meikle/Arron Fairweather/Liam Last



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