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  1. c.hynard says:

    Site seems to take a while to be updated, especially mens super league results and averages, apart from that it can be quite informative.

    • Verso says:

      I try and get all results on by the weekend of each week the games are played in.

      At mo work is hectic so I’ve not been as quick as usual.

      I hope to meet up with a few guys at the next county games and do some quick training so more people can upload results etc.

      Cheers for the feedback,


  2. Phil Reeve says:

    Hi Jamie when will mens superleague stats be updated please? They only show upto 25 March



  3. colin hynard says:

    is this ever going to be updated??????

  4. fozz says:

    Are the super league stats going to be updated?

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