Derbyshire 16-20 Suffolk

April 1st/2nd 2017

Derbyshire 16-20 Suffolk

Suffolk greatly enhanced their chances of survival in BICC Division Two with a 20-16 overall win away at bottom county Derbyshire.

The weekend started well for Suffolk as the Women’s B team enjoyed a fine 4-2 win.

Stacey Gooding (Bury – 15.90 ave) and Jayne Webb (Lowestoft – 14.24 ave) got Suffolk off to a good start, both with their first wins for the county – while at the other end of the scale, the experienced Nicky Doidge (Bury – 17.72 ave) took the Lady of the Match award and made it 3-0 with her 96th win for Suffolk!

Rossy Scriven (Smock – 15.34 ave) extended the lead, but the home side hit back to take the last two games with defeats for Jean Prewitt (Lowestoft – 14.82 ave) and Barbara Chenery (Stowmarket – 13.60 ave).

The Men’s B match was a tight affair, with half the games going to a deciding leg – with Suffolk just having the upper hand and grabbing a 7-5 win.

History was made in the opening game as Derbyshire gave a debut to 10 year-old Henry Coates, who became the youngest ever player in a Men’s BICC match. In a wonderful atmosphere, Suffolk’s Steve Hayward (Haverhill – 19.86 ave) held his nerve to beat Henry 3-2 and get the visitors off to a good start.

Liam Last (Leiston – 24.55 ave) and Andy Meikle (Leiston – 26.37 ave) both played well but lost in deciding legs, but John Attwater (Sudbury – 27.69 ave & 180) ave gave a Man of the Match performance to win 3-1.

A win for Richard Watson (Haverhill – 19.52 ave), followed by an excellent debut victory for Martin Weiss (Clapgate Lane – 27.63 ave) put Suffolk 4-2 ahead, before defeats for Duane Nessling (Saxmundham – 19.18 ave) and Ian Randles (Sudbury – 23.86 ave) pulled the home side level.

A win for Kevin Harris (Clapgate Lane – 21.14 ave) followed by defeat for Stuart Greenhalgh (Trimley – 20.12 ave) kept it all square at 5-5, but Suffolk took the last two games through Jason Stalker (Sudbury – 22.43 ave) and Craig Woodward (Smock – 23.68 ave) to clinch a 7-5 win in the Men’s B match.

With a four game lead going into Sunday’s A team matches, Suffolk were in a stronger position than in recent games – but the home side cut the overall deficit to two with a 4-2 win in the Women’s A match.

Suffolk lost the opening two games with defeats for Chrissy Stubbings (Smock – 14.07 ave) and Jo Locke (Smock – 19.62 ave), but a superb A team debut from Carly Chenery (Stowmarket – 21.78 ave) earned her the Lady of the Match award and got Suffolk on the board.

A win for Sarah Ceska (Smock – 19.84 ave) was between defeats for Sami Watson (Bury – 14.47 ave) and Mandy Reeves (Stowmarket – 16.87 ave) as Derbyshire took a narrow 4-2 win in the Women’s A match.

The weekend was rounded off by a remarkable Men’s A match that saw no fewer than nine of the 12 games go to a deciding seventh leg.

The early momentum was with Suffolk, as Man of the Match Wayne Hammond (Smock – 25.78 ave & two x 180s) took the opening game – followed by an amazing run of four successive 4-3 wins for Suffolk.

Promoted from the B team following his heroics a day earlier, John Attwater (Sudbury – 25.06 ave) won to make it a rare double point weekend, before Mark Walker (Smock – 23.48 ave) regained his composure to win having been clawed back from 3-0 ahead.

Wins for Dave Ballard-Flatt (Leiston – 24.51 ave) and Gary Butcher (Haverhill – 25.31 ave) extended Suffolk’s lead to 5-0, before Derbyshire pulled one back when Jason Elvin (Walsham – 26.03 ave) lost 4-3.

Tony Lincoln (Lake Lothing -24.62 ave) won 4-3 to make it 6-1 to Suffolk, and also reach the magical 19th point that secured the overall win – but the home side staged a dramatic revival in the last few games.

Rob Warman (Saxmundham – 25.97 ave) and Phil Reeve (Smock – 21.62 ave) both lost in the deciding leg, but a 4-0 win for Daren Wood (Smock – 24.14 ave) ensured a Men’s A match victory for Suffolk.

Defeats in the last two games for Rob Morling (Clapgate Lane – 23.45 ave) and Nick Bloom (Walsham – 23.76 ave) left the final Men’s A score 7-5 to Suffolk, and gave Suffolk an overall 20-16 win.

This result leaves Suffolk in seventh place, eleven points clear of the relegation zone, with just one match to go – with eighth placed Berkshire the visitors to Kesgrave Social Club on the weekend of 22nd/23rd April.

Derbyshire Men’s A 5-7 Suffolk Men’s A
Peter Burgoyne (24.85) 1-4 (25.78) Wayne Hammond
Richard Hanson (26.17) 3-4 (25.06) Jonathon Attwater
Lee Stanley (22.75) 3-4 (23.48) Mark Walker
Andrew Baker (23.93) 3-4 (24.51) David Ballard-Flatt
Nigel Daniels (22.65) 3-4 (25.31) Gary Butcher
Gary Fenn (28.01) 4-3 (26.03) Jason Elvin
Adam Fern (23.10) 3-4 (24.62) Tony Lincoln
Tim Daniels (26.35) 4-3 (25.97) Rob Warman
Brian Snell (22.25) 4-3 (21.62) Phil Reeve
Sean Lambert (21.37) 0-4 (24.14) Daren Wood
Rob Wood (27.35) 4-1 (23.45) Robert Morling
Steven Soar (25.29) 4-3 (23.76) Nick Bloom

Derbyshire Women’s A 4-2 Suffolk Women’s A
Terri Bellamy (16.70) 3-0 (14.07) Chrissy Stubbings
Louise Rawson (18.05) 3-2 (19.62) Jo Locke
Dee Fenn (14.98) 0-3 (21.78) Carly Louise Chenery
Kera Astle (14.59) 3-1 (14.47) Sami Watson
Jennifer McCormick (19.88) 1-3 (19.84) Sarah Ceska
Jackie Sweet (15.91) 3-2 (16.87) Mandy Reeves

Derbyshire Men’s B 5-7 Suffolk Men’s B
Henry Coates (18.76) 2-3 (19.86) Stephen Hayward
Richard Hughes (24.35) 3-2 (24.55) Liam Last
Darran Sinfield (19.85) 1-3 (27.69) Jonathon Attwater
Ian Clarke (26.25) 3-2 (26.37) Andrew Meikle
Andrew Gillott (19.40) 0-3 (19.52) Richard Watson
Tony Cresswell (23.30) 1-3 (27.63) Martin Weiss
Ian Allcock (21.29) 3-1 (19.18) Duane Nessling
Scott Parkin (22.31) 3-2 (23.86) Ian Randles
Loz Barnes (22.13) 2-3 (21.14) Kevin Harris
Adrian Asprey (21.80) 3-1 (20.12) Stuart Greenhalgh
Ben Holmes (18.75) 0-3 (22.43) Jason Stalker
John Elliott (22.63) 2-3 (23.68) Craig Woodward

Derbyshire Women’s B 2-4 Suffolk Women’s B

Rebecca Hoyland (15.32) 2-3 (15.90) Stacey Gooding
Rachel Ayres (16.10) 1-3 (14.24) Jayne Webb
Dawn Buckley (16.93) 1-3 (17.72) Nicky Doidge
Kelly Dean (12.46) 0-3 (15.34) Rossy Scriven
Samantha Marshall (17.24) 3-1 (14.82) Jean Prewitt
Kerri Buckley (13.69) 3-1 (13.60) Barbara Chenery

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