Sunday November 24th 2013

Suffolk 10 v 5 Norfolk

Suffolk Boys 3 v 4 Norfolk Boys

Suffolk Girls 3 v 0 Norfolk Girls – Norfolk played two lads so Suffolk automatically get wins

Suffolk Under 21’s 4 v 1 Norfolk Under 21’s



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  1. Verso says:

    Please find the averages for this weekends youth game in the girls Norfolk 1st & 3rd players are both male reserves

    All other reserves are below
    Brai Garwood u18 Suffolk 16.10
    Kai Garwood u18 Suffolk 13.41
    Ollie Hammond u18 Suffolk 12.39
    Callen Garwood u18 Suffolk 16.48
    Jordan Griggs u21 Suffolk 8-65
    Joshua Sinkovits u21 Suffolk 22.77
    Bradley Rumbelow u18 Suffolk 11.52

    Ray Lillie u21 Norfolk 18.91

    Also the first player for Suffolk in the u18’s Jake Carter should of been in the under 21’s

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